Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two Weeks!

Newborn clothes officially don't fit!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One week old

 Open eye shots are pretty rare- so I was glad to get these on her one week birthday.

 We had to say goodbye to my mom and the girls' Grandma on Saturday.  We were all very sad to have her leave but are very grateful she came out to help us!

 Maggie keeps asking where Grandma is- we got very used to her being here- wish she lived closer!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Elizabeth Ashley Carter
June 13, 2012
8 lb 15 oz
20.75 inches long

We call her Lizzy.  And we love her!  I was induced Wednesday morning.  It took a little longer to get going this time- because I had Strep B, they didn't break my water until 11:00 because I had to have the antibiotic in me for so long.  But things went perfectly and the actual delivery was wonderful.  We were worried how we could love another one as much as Maggie- but it's really easy when they get here!  

Maggie has done some adjusting and still will (I hope).  But each day is getting a little better.  Enjoy some pictures from the hospital stay.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All About Maggie

I wrote this post a couple weeks ago- all for my documentation so it is very wordy ;-)

As the new baby will be arriving in less than a week, I have found myself feeling very regretful- that I did not write anything down about Maggie- nothing more than the blog.  She has accomplished some big things lately and I want to document them before I forget.  So this post will be long- and is really just for me so don't feel bad if you don't want to read ;-).

When Maggie turned two in December, she was already talking a lot- she had a lot of understanding of what we said too.  She was even very obedient.  When we would go places or stores- she would stick by me and behave.  Don't worry- this has changed.  But we went to the museum in Winston-Salem three times over Christmas break at Cami and Tim's.  She LOVES the museums.  We went to the one in Naperville so many times while we had the pass.  Her favorite thing was playing with the "blow dryers" and wind tunnel.  She would really just sit there for 20 minutes and blow her hair "like you mom!"  She also loved the water and would get soaked.

We also went to the museum in Glenview near the temple in February or beginning of March-she went with Brad while I went to the temple.  She LOVES going with her Dad- they are buddies.  She lives for Saturdays when Dad can play with her all day.  We got a minivan in February and driving to the temple and then to Ikea was a breeze with her and a dve player ;-).

 She loves Dora- we have a couple dvds and she will watch them over and over again.  She also watches PBS kids a lot in the morning- Cat in the Hat, Curious George, Super Why, Sesame Street, Clifford.  She has started enjoying full length films.  Despicable Me, Cars, Little Mermaid, and Tangled (we don't have it but Cailyn does!).  Bally's shut down at the end of January and our pass got transferred to the LA Fitness clear by the church-  a far drive but the kids club is much bigger!  They have cable and Maggie has learned to love Disney Junior-  Little Einsteins is definitely her favorite now-  she also likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

At the end of March- for Spring Break, Maggie and I went to CA for my birthday and left Brad at home doing busy season alone.  We had so much fun-  we swam a lot in the hot tub- she LOVES swimming and turned into a prune after several hours.  She loved the playhouse and having tea parties with Grandma.  My birthday happened there and it was the first time she really caught on to the tradition of cake, presents, and singing.  So- after that- anytime soemthing looked REALLY fun (like a tea party)  she said-  "It's a Happy Birthday!"- very cute.

At the end of April- we bought white bunk beds and set up one as a twin in Maggie's room-  she was SO excited to have a big bed.  She was convinced that Brad "made" it because he set it up with his tools.  She told everyone-  "I have a big bed now and Daddy made it"  she was sure to say thank you to him over and over.  She switched to the big bed with no problem- of course we put the side rails up so it feels kind of like a crib.  She didn't get out until she woke up in the morning.

At the end of May,  I finally potty trained Maggie.  She had been begging to wear panties for a while.  We tried potty training at the beginning of May but I was not fully committed and was not quite prepared.  The second time around was much better-  she did awesome!  She still has had about 1 accident a week when she is playing with friends outside-  but it is so nice to be done with diapers- she is even dry all night too!  She is such a big girl.

Once she was potty trained- we also ditched the high chair finally so she could get down off the chair to go potty if she needed to.  She has gotten so much cleaner at eating!

She LOVES to chew gum-  she is pretty good with it, but occasionally tries to take it out and stick it somewhere.

We got a pass to Centennial Beach and she LOVES to play in the sand and fountains all day.  We stay for about 2-3 hours each time and she still doesn't want to leave.  We have also been to the Oakhurst pool a couples times and she sure loves that one too.  I'm glad she loves to live in a swimsuit by the pool like me!  One day we will have our own ;-)

She has had a little trike since March and can finally do it by herself and goes pretty fast.  Always about half way around the block she ditches it and makes me push the bike while she runs.  She loves to RUN.  Just run-  she is pretty coordinated and fast!

Maggie quotes:

"ugggghhhhhh.  Mom- you make me crazy!!!"
"We was just looking for that!"
"I did _______  when I was a baby."  (usually something made up)
"Not yet."  is what she says for anything she doesn't want to do.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


We went camping for the first time ever (as a family) on Memorial Weekend.  Luckily, Brad was a good sport and was excited to get camping gear for his birthday ;-).  We got our first tent- it's huge!  It was great!

 Normally, I would not post a picture of me that I don't like-  but here is more proof that I'm pregnant.  I am not good at taking picture of myself when I feel huge.  I LOVE s'mores.  I think that's why I consented to go camping.  And Brad's face in the background of this picture also makes me laugh.
One downside of camping-  sun comes up at 5:00am.  Maggie did not get enough sleep so she was out on the drive home.

Picture Post

Counting down the days to my due date,  I have tried to get out and do fun stuff with Maggie before she is not longer my only child.   I didn't take my camera everywhere we have gone-  but I'm proud of documenting a couple things.
 Park with Sofia!
 Children's Museum a couple times
 Blackberry Farms with friends-  unlimited Carousel and Train rides-  Maggie was in heaven

 Centennial Beach-  Maggie loves that place (good thing we have a pass)

 Capri Suns are the recent Carter beverage of choice- I cannot get enough!
 Brookfield Zoo in the rain- the only picture I got of an animal.  The Lion was huge!
 Watching the dolphin show with friends!
 They have matching sweatshirts so they looked like twins-  Love Cailyn's smile in this one!
Proof that I am pregnant....