Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shut Out

Brad and I got season tickets with his brother Nate and his wife, Kate. We have awesome seats! We are on the 4th row, on the east sideline, right next to the endzone.
We were right there to see all the touchdowns. It was so fun. I have never been so excited at a football game. Brad lost his voice.
BYU looked so good out there. 8 touchdowns- it kept the fans cheering. This picture shows how close we were to the action!
At the end of the game, President Samuelson came out to congratulate the players.

We killed them. Someone in church today said that the last time UCLA was beaten this badly was in 1929. I am glad we got to do the honors. What a great game- it was fun to be there!
Check out the video clip and article:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Small Business

I am taking a business class this semester entitled "Basic Entrepreneur Skills." In this class, we are going to learn the basics about starting a business. Our grade in the class depends on the "Launch and Learn" experience that will take place throughout the entire semester. Basically, we are assigned to groups of five students and we have to start a business of some kind. We have to get a business license, open a bank account, put up some of our own money up front, etc. Anyway, we have to earn AT LEAST $1,500 in profits.
We can do pretty much anything as long as it is legal. We have to come up with an idea by the 16th of November. I have never been too creative, but my mind has been racing constantly. I am hoping that someone will have a great idea. Keep in mind that we are in Provo, going to BYU so whatever we are selling has to be marketable to poor college students, or businesses around the area. The only idea I have come up with is buying roses at Costco and then selling them singly on campus in the quad. But I know I can definitely come up with something better than that.
So, I appreciate any feedback!!!