Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Adventures

  • We bought a new car- Honda Accord '06
  • We graduated!
  • We packed all of our stuff up in two pods and moved out of our Provo house- with a lot of help from family (thanks Nate, Kate, and Julie!)
  • We hit the road for a long road trip!
  • 1st stop- Salt Lake City- The Taylors. We had fun swimming in their pool and playing the wii. We will miss being so close to them!
  • 2nd stop- Brigham City- The Packers. The girls have so much fun playing with Brad. And Clark is sure getting big!
  • 3rd stop- Garland- Grandma and Grandpa Carter. We had a good time listening to fun stories. They had a nice basement where we had our own little apartment!
  • 4th stop- Corinne- Grandma and Grandpa Harper. We had fun trying to fly kites with not enough wind.
  • 5th stop- McCammon, Idaho- The Carters. We had fun trying to roast marshmallows over a fire that was blowing from 40mph winds!
  • 6th stop- Woodland, CA- The Fifes. Brad wasn't feeling too good- but we sure got a lot of wii playing in.
  • 7th stop- Merced, CA- Mom and Dad. We were here for a week, so we really relaxed. Brad loved the Wii. We also helped Dad install a watering system for Mom's garden. Then we went to Yosemite (Brad's first time) with the Spencers- it was beautiful!
  • 8th stop- Ladera Ranch, CA- The Parkers. We hit the beach, Ruby's 3 times, the pool, and an Angel's game. Those kids were sooooo cute! We already miss baby Sadie's button nose.
  • 9th stop- St. George, Utah- The Maglebys. We are really going to miss them! It was Brad's birthday while we were there and they made him feel like royalty. Let's just say, I have room for improvement in how to treat the birthday boy! We had a delicious breakfast, went swimming, ate pizza, and played the wii- Brad loved it!
  • 10th stop- Denver, CO- The Sleights. We got to see Grant and Jennie's new baby, Warren. He is soooo cute! Brad had the magic touch with him!
  • 11th and FINAL stop- NAPERVILLE, IL- The Callisters. We got to Brent and Melissa's house. The girls had made us cute cards welcoming us to Chicago and left them on our bed. Brent and Melissa have been so great to let us stay with them for a few weeks until we move in to our apartment! We are excited to move in to our new place next week. We have loved visiting our family for the past month, but we are excited to not live out of a suitcase!
  • So, now- Brad is going into the city on the weekdays for his CPA course. I am getting over a bad cold, but need to start seriously looking for a job- FUN!
  • I apologize for the absence of pictures- a new camera is on our long list of things we want!