Friday, November 28, 2014

Day #3, and being home the first few days.

 Aunt Wendy was in town for Thanksgiving and stopped by to meet him!

 Looked so tiny in his carseat.

 Cousin Kate meeting him for the first time.
 Elle was so excited to meet him-  kids under 14 weren't allowed in the hospital unless they were a sibling so we met them in the lobby before we went home.
 Some of our neighbor friends decorated our driveway and welcomed us home with balloons.
 The girls were SOOOOOO excited.
 Asleep on my bed.
 Can you tell she misses being the baby of the family?

 Maggie got me some beautiful flowers ;-)

 Seeing Grandma Evie and Papa Reese again and getting his blanket that Grandma made hime.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

More Photos from Nov. 26

It was so nice to live close to my sister and nieces.  They took care of the girls.  The hospital had a rule that no children under 14 were allowed to visit besides siblings.  So, we met my two nieces in the lobby of the hospital on our way home so they could meet James.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day #2 in Hospital

 The recovery for me after James was a dream!  So much better than the others.  He was also nursing great!

 Brad went and picked up the girls Thursday morning and brought them back to the hospital to meet James.
 Lizzy loved holding him for about 10 seconds.
 Maggie couldn't get enough!

 They LOVED drinking out of my big mugs-  I got two this time!  Maybe since my epidural didn't work ;-)

 We are now a family of 5 and we all adore Sweet Baby James.