Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brad's New Office

Brad's firm moved offices. He is no longer in the Sear's Tower. I thought this would be a major bummer since the Tower is so close to the train station. But his new office is closer to the attractions downtown that I actually want to visit- and he gets $10 parking on weekdays and $6 on weekends. That is a big deal for me! Usually parking is $25 downtown.

So from now on- I am always driving in. It was so nice to come and go as I wanted. And Maggie took a nap in the car.

It was fun to go see his new cubicle- it was our first time to the new office. I really liked it- it looks much nicer than their old floor in the Tower. The new office also has big windows with great views. Maggie enjoyed the view.

When we got home- the weather was too nice to stay inside so we went to the park.
And check out this physique- This is what hours at the gym every week can do.