Friday, February 19, 2010

Week in Recap

After Maggie's blessing, my mom stayed for a while to hang out and have fun with us. We were sad to see her leave. Maggie loves her blanket that Grandma Callister made.

We miss her...
Maggie's Valentine's dress for church.
After church. Wow, how entertaining a baby can be.
We celebrated Valentine's Day early with my brother's family. His baby is soooo smiley.
Brad's attempt at an artsy picture...
Fun dinner.
Maggie has also been playing with her friends. Here is Maggie and Jacob. They are only one day apart!
Random...This is not a picture from this week. Brad has been wearing his ridiculous yellow work gloves on the train- we can't find gloves that fit his thumbs? (He's picky). So, I think they are hideous. But a man complimented him on them the other day...... "Wow, those look like really nice gloves." For the love- I am trying to get him to look professional! But it was funny.
Well, the sun has been shining a lot lately. It makes such a difference to have more natural light inside. It is still way too cold outside. I cannot wait until Spring!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2 months

These are Maggie's two month pictures. I am a little late posting them. I don't have stats for her because there was a big snowstorm the day of her 2 month check up and the Doctor's office rescheduled her for next week.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

This last weekend was probably one of the best. Both sets of our parents came for Maggie's blessing at church on Sunday. We also moved from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom in the same complex. It is the best way to move! We were able to carry stuff into the new apartment and put it right where it goes. There are still a few boxes of random things that need to be put away. And nothing is hanging on the wall yet. But other than that, we are all moved in. It made such a huge difference to have so much family helping us. I don't know what I would have done with Maggie otherwise. Both grandmothers were always willing to hold her.
We actually didn't get any good pictures of Maggie awake in her dress. We will have to get her pictures taken later....
The trip wouldn't be complete without the girls getting a tickle story from Dad.
Mom with Maggie on her blessing day
Maggie with Aunt Melissa
Can you tell she was done with pictures?
She discovered her hands
Family of three- crazy!
Brad's mom with Maggie
Someone went to the bathroom and it leaked all over the dress. Busted....
On our way to church
Brad gave Maggie a serious talking to before church. She was very obedient. She slept through the whole thing and didn't make a peep.
Playing the Wii at Brent's house. Brad's dad had never heard of a Wii- he loved it!
Giordano's for dinner
Rocking with Grandma in Maggie's new room
My nieces got cute new haircuts
Dad with Maggie
Staring at Grandpa Callister
Maggie was talking a lot to Grandma. I think she remembered her.
Maggie sleeping with Papa Reese.
Grandma Evie holding Maggie for the first time.

The weekend was great! We were sad to see people go. This week has been fun and relaxing. My mom stayed and we are having a blast! My house is a mess but we don't get company very often in IL. It snowed like crazy last night and we felt a 3.8 earthquake at 4 this morning. Chicago is so fun- come visit!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recent Happenings

Not too much has been going on. Maggie sleeps a lot. This has been great to allow me to pack. We are just moving into a bigger apartment within our same complex. I am really excited to have more space for all of this baby stuff. Maggie is finally to the point where she holds eye contact with us. It's really fun. Brad loves to sit and talk to her when he gets home from work.Watching Baby Bach and Baby Einstein
Is it too early to start brain-washing her??? I hope not- we love BYU!!! And she looks pretty darn cute...
The grandparents are all on their way to visit us today. Maggie is being blessed on Sunday. Moving and the blessing in one weekend- I think we are crazy!