Monday, September 22, 2014

Sisters' trip 2014

Last minute, most of my sisters and I were able to get together in St. George for a weekend in September.  We missed Wendy and Melissa but hope that next year they will be there- as we are making this an annual thing!  We talked and talked, did puzzles, watched a movie, shopped, ate out, ate treats- it was so relaxing!  Thanks Brad and all the husbands for watching the kids!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beginning of September

Right when we got back from CA- I was feeling like we needed to get a move on with preparations for baby boy-  Step 1 was putting Lizzy in a big bed so we could have the crib vacated.  She was awesome and even months later has not once got out on her own- she always calls to me to get her out.
 We got frozen yogurt one day at Station park while we were waiting for the fountain show.  I am not a fan of Cherry Berry- I thought it was gross.
 But the girls liked it okay!

 Lizzy had to wear her kitty shoes and backpack just like Maggie even though she didn't get to go to school.

Maggie is going to the same preschool with Mrs. Kristi- she loves it!

 My final day taking the girls to Cherry Hill was a little sad-  we loved that place!


One day after my doctor's appointment in Salt Lake, we had to stop and see Dad at work.  They love getting treats from his office!