Sunday, April 20, 2014

Early April

 Busy season was busy, of course.  But we had some good distractions- like Grandma and Grandpa Callister coming to visit for General Conference.  We loved showing them Station Park!

 The girls LOVE playing at the Apple store-  they don't have to take turns with the tablet like at home.

 They loved reading stories with Grandma!

 During Priesthood we headed down to Salt Lake to hang out with the girl cousins!  And they played dress-up.

 We made a trip down to BYU to see Taylor.  And with Lizzy's gag reflux, she landed herself a new shirt.
 Yummy creamery ice cream!

 April was also Grandma Evie's Birthday.  We got to have a fun party at a park in Brigham City and Uncle Adam brought his boats to ride!

 Cousin Elle had a magician come for her birthday party.  He was fabulous!  And he asked Maggie to come help for part of it and I was almost crying. lauging so hard.  Maggie got embarassed and one point but in the end, LOVED it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


March was a fun month.  We got to visit Great Grandma Diane- who Maggie is named after.

Lizzy did not want to take a picture.
Since we've moved to Utah, I had been wanting to get in the mountains and hike.  Brad didn't think he liked hiking so it took some convincing.  Finally, on my birthday-  I knew he couldn't say no- so that's what I asked him for.  We just drove up Farmington canyon a bit- 5 minutes from our house and it was beautiful with a stream to throw rocks in and everything!

Maggie was nervous to stand in the cave- thought there was a bear.

Brad out-did us all and climbed high on top of the cave!
Me and my girls!

Maggie loves going to the museum because they have a little sink that she can use all by herself.
Funny playdate- playdough on their head!
We got to have cousin, Faith, come to our house for a few days and then we drove her back down to St. George and stayed with them for a few days to help after my sister had foot surgery.

St. George had a free Children's museum- it was really great!

The cow was named Maggie so we had to get a picture of both Maggies.

They had a stage and of course, Maggie felt like she was a real "popstar."

It was fun to help cousin, Matt, out with his Science Fair project of sampling name and off-brands of cereal.

Maggie and Faith had a lot of fun playing together at our house.  

They were very silly together.

We had to take Faith to the Treehouse Museum.
Mesmerized by the show in the car-  St. George was  long drive with the three girls together.

Maggie took swim lessons at the Bountiful Rec Center during Brad's busy season-  she got really good!
One day at the Treehouse museum, we happened to run into our cousins there-  too fun!