Friday, April 23, 2010

Salt Lake City

Maggie and I flew to Salt Lake for a week and half. We stayed with my sister Cinda and her family. We had so much fun hanging out with them- we never really left (besides running a few errands). My niece Kate loved to hold Maggie all the time. She was so sad when she would get home from school and Maggie would be asleep.

Haha. Elle also loved to hold Maggie- even though Maggie is half of her own weight. It was so funny. Elle was very confident in her baby holding skills.
Lauren was awesome with Maggie. She is going to be a great mom- Maggie loved her!
Playing with La.
This is the only picture I got of Maggie with Cinda. I can't believe how lame I am.
Maggie sitting with Jake on the piano bench. Maggie loved to dance to Jake's piano music- he is getting extremely good. I miss the days of being forced to practice. I wish I had more time!
She fell asleep holding her toys while we were eating dinner.
My cousin Julie came to visit and I didn't get a good picture with her either. I am super lame! But I am sooo glad we got to see her. We grew up living 5 houses down from each other and so we would see each other everyday! I miss her. She is in the middle of taking her boards for dental hygiene- or maybe she is done now! But she seemed great and we can't wait to see her again!
Kate with Zeus. I love this picture!
The girls loved riding their scooters.
Reading books
Group shot
Elle trying to hold Maggie while she was laying down- quite comical.

We had a blast in SLC. Thanks to the Taylors for being great hosts! I miss the piano practicing, the electric guitar practicing, playing games everynight, the pinball machine, the treadmill, and the awesome company! We can't wait to come back with Brad in May! His parents are leaving for a mission in June so we are going to their farewell and last family reunion! They have been called as the Mission President in Armenia for 3 years! We will surely miss them but know they will be awesome!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4 months

I took Maggie to the doctor today for her 4 month check up. She weighs 13 lb 13 oz and is 24 3/4 inches long. I can't remember the measurement of her head circumference but I know she is in the 98th percentile! She has a large head (she gets that from her father). She can now hold her head up on her own. She has rolled over from her stomach to her back. She can hold on to toys and grab things with her hands. She has giggled a LOT. I would probably laugh at me too if I could see the faces I pull.

We tried her jumper for the first time. She just kept spinning around on one foot. No jumping yet.
She has started to get a few rolls and a bigger belly.
She fell asleep holding her toys.
She pretty much smiles ALL the time now. She was flirting with the Utah Rugby Team on the flight home from Salt Lake.


I know this post is late. But we did have an enjoyable Easter! It was great to have Brad home on a weekend. I think he really enjoyed it too. Brad and Maggie matched!
Cousin Sofia is crawling all over the place.
We put on her Easter dress to take pictures. It was General Conference so no one got to see how cute she looked.
Smiles all around. I think they look alike.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Day in the City

Last week was spring break, so my nieces didn't have school. On Thursday, I drove with them into the city to go to the zoo. Unfortunately, the rest of Chicago also decided to go to Lincoln Park Zoo that day. The zoo is free, so I guess we asked for it.
We actually had to use sunscreen- the weather was awesome!

Maggie enjoyed the stroller ride but didn't notice any animals....
The cute Callister girls in front of the lions
After the zoo, we took the opportunity to go see Brad at work. We had never seen his office before. I can't believe it took me this long. But I was pregnant and working full time and then I had a baby in the dead of winter. Brad works in the Sear's Tower so there were great views out the window.
It was super windy that day and so Maggie's eyes must have gotten dust in them. They were really red when we got there.
Brad and Maggie hanging out in his cubicle. She was being so gabby and loud- it was cute. Lots of his co-workers heard her and stopped by to admire.
Maggie was getting ready to take a bath as Brad was on his way to the Priesthood Session of General Conference. I had to take a picture.
I couldn't help posting this one. I'm sure Maggie will love me for it someday.

Maggie and I rode the train home and Maggie passed out. I accidentally left my camera on Brad's desk so I couldn't take a picture. But it was sure cute. Maggie is not even 4 months old and she has already ridden in a car, bus, train, and airplane.