Friday, July 15, 2011

Taste of Chicago

We are headed to CA again tomorrow- so I thought if I didn't post these latest pictures, it probably wouldn't happen.

So- we live near Chicago. Brad and I both thought we would have done more in the city by now, but we haven't. I just wish it weren't expensive. But- we made ourselves go to the Taste. We had heard good reviews and we were NOT disappointed. We loved it! The streets in Grant Park are lined with booths of different restaurants. You can buy a taste or dinner portion and try lots of yummy food. We ate way too much. My favorites were the desserts. Maggie takes after me and inhaled the red velvet cupcake. Yum! They even had free concerts at night- we lucked out and got to listen to Natalie Cole for a bit!

I think this is our first family picture since Christmas! Maggie is really good at sticking her tongue out for pictures.
It was kind of hot so they had sprinklers going for kids to run through. Maggie loved it- she was screaming when we left.
We had a Chik-fil-a balloon in the car from lunch so we thought we would tie it to her shorts so we wouldn't lose her in the crowds. It worked.
Obviously, this is not downtown- this is me looking beautiful after our "Stake Fun Run" 5k. It was great weather on a pretty path- and it was FREE! My favorite!
Swimming with Dad after work- ah this is the good life. Note: Do not buy your daughter a green and blue swimsuit, even if it has flowers. We always get asked how old "he" is when she wears it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Can Do Hard Things

We Carters have decided that we can do hard things. Can you? Brad and I have decided we are going to do the 100 push-up challenge in 6 weeks! Click here to see the program. It's only 3 days a week. We are committing- I feel like posting it for people to see will make us do it and not give up on workout #1. Yikes. I'm still not sure that I can do this- haven't heard any testimonials that it really works. Has anyone done this? And- we would love to challenge anyone else who is in an exercise slump- kind of fun to try to get to 100 push-ups! Check it off your bucket list!

Day #1- Tomorrow, Monday, July 11th

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Part 4: Southern CA

Disclaimer: Brad said this post was REALLY LONG. But we were there for over a week so I had TONS of pictures. You have been warned.

We ended our Western Voyage with a trip to Ladera Ranch to visit/help my sister Katie while her husband was on the surfing trip of a lifetime.
Maggie had a new buddy/Big Sister to play with. Sadie and Maggie were buddies. Drinking out of spray bottles.
Sadie had so many fun toys. Maggie was in heaven with the miniature shopping cart.
And bath time was more fun with a friend!

It is really difficult these days to get Maggie to smile for the camera. But I had to post this picture. Maggie LOVED Jack- he was so cute with her and she always wanted to play with him.

Swinging in CA is better than IL- no, not really. But the park was closer.
At the Waterpark. Pools are for swimming right? My sisters would argue..

All of us in the baby pool. The Parker kids were SO much fun. I didn't have to entertain Maggie at all. She was in heaven.

Sitting in a sand hole at the beach. Ahhhh.....this is the life.

Digging with cousins
Sand, sand, sand...................................................everywhere.

I just love the beach. And beach pictures. Maggie with Aunt Cami.
At the very end of our last beach trip, Maggie decided to get in the water. And not just her feet. Her whole body- including her head! She LOVED it. It was a little cold for me- but she was fearless.
We also went to a little zoo in Irvine for Max's Preschool field trip. It was Maggie's first zoo trip. It was a smaller zoo- the perfect size. She kept chasing this goat and saying, "Moo." In her defense- it is black and white so I was proud of the association. My child is a genius!
At the zoo.
At Katie's Singer's Company Performance at the Irvine Spectrum. It was so fun to watch- and my niece Annie did awesome on her solo. If you know any one who would be interested in earning some money and running a singing group- check our her website:
And Maggie was also introduced to her first Disney experience at the Store in the Mission Viejo Mall. And it was Magical...
Oh and of course a trip to Ruby's. Maggie liked the milkshakes, but who doesn't?

We had so much fun! Other than missing Brad, we could just live there! Thanks Parkers!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Part 3: Grandma and Grandpa Callister's

There is nothing like going home. Maggie and I had the best time in Merced! Our only complaint was the cold, rainy weather.
The great thing about Grandma's house is that she spoils you with Trader Joe Yogurt. Mmmm.
Best friend/cousin Jordan was in town. Always fun to catch up.
Mom and Dad got a new grill. We had some yummy food!
Got the keys, let's go to Costco!
Daniel and Jessica made me feel good. They liked my dessert. What's not to like? Brownies, strawberries, hot fudge, and ice cream.
Maggie with Grandma and Grandpa Callister. She loves the swing. In fact, she fell asleep once when my dad was pushing her.
Out to lunch. Cami and Tim were also in town from NC for a friend's wedding. My sister Wendy, my mom, and I threw Cami a baby shower. It was so much fun!
Lots of presents!

Maggie's favorite part of their house.....the pool. She was a crazy little fish.
My mom and I. It has been a long time since we have taken a picture of just the two of us.
SO CUTE. Maggie LOVES her Grandma and asks to call her all the time. Can't wait to see them again in Tahoe in a couple weeks!