Thursday, February 28, 2013

Christmas 2012

Well, it is almost March and I am just getting around to posting about Christmas- oh my!

But this Christmas was so awesome-  we didn't have to travel at all-  we had visitors come to us!  It was so much fun- thanks Cami, Tim, and Charlie for gracing us with your presence.  One of the highlights was going into the city for the Christkindl German Market-  my bro-in-law served his mission in Germany and his mom is from Austria- so I think he was a little excited to go eat some authentic food.  He may have even cried tears of joy ;-)
 It was super cold-  we know how to layer and bundle up!

 Cute Fife Family
 The shops were amazing-  our 2012 ornaments came from this one!

Eating a delicious lunch!  

 What- a picture of all four of us?  AMAZING!
 We had to thaw out at Brad's office-  Maggie loved collecting the highlighters and post-it notes (like mother, like daughter)

 Charlie was happy to be able to crawl around in Brad's building-
 Lizzy was a perfect angel during the whole ordeal.
 The girls hanging with dad at his office
 Christmas Eve-  Dad gave us all a very special gift- an original cast iron wagon like my Grandpa's in this story:   

And my dad hand painted them all for 7 of his children-  I was so surprised!  My dad is good at keeping secrets.

 We successfully wore them out.  
 The angels

 Christmas Eve- ready to go to bed after all of our hard work!

 Santa was good to Maggie- she loves to shop at Trader Joe's with the little carts!
Cute Cousins-  they are only 7 months apart.
 Cami looks way too good on Christmas morning.
 Matching jammies