Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maggie's Birthday

Maggie's first birthday was fun. She loved her toys and did a pretty good job at unwrapping! I took her to the doctor the next day and here are her 1 year stats:

23 lb 12 oz (87%)
30.25 inches tall(85%)
19.25 head (off the charts)

Maggie and her friend Jacob who was born a day after her!
Blue eyes
Happy Face

New walker- she LOVES it!
The only picture we got of her destroying and eating her cake- we did use the video camera, though. She wasn't a fan of having cake on her hands- but she ate plenty when Brad fed her.My attempt at a cake- it used to have a big "M" for Maggie and to look like a giant M M.
The Party guests....Isn't this the cutest face? We gave her a new swimsuit to go in the hot tub in CA during Christmas. Her old suit doesn't fit.
She got another suit (2 bucks at Old Navy- I couldn't help it- maybe we will give one to her cousin in CA). She also got new gap jeans and a little tutu skirt. She is wearing them all at once- really fashionable, I know.
Loving the walker
Funny face....after the party
On the way to church. I had to take a pic.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

can't believe it

Maggie will be one on Thursday. Where did this year go? The first few months seemed long but now the days fly by. We sure love her.