Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Farewell, Illinois!

In May, we started packing up all of our things.  I was very sad about moving but I got caught up in all there was to get done.  I think this is the last move I am doing without any movers.  It was a lot of work!  

Naperville is where we came, fresh out of BYU.  The Naperville 6th ward became our family.  We also loved living close to my brother and his family.  We got to know them so much better.  Maggie and Sofia were such close cousins.  

We also made some of our dearest friends while there.  I knew that's what I would miss most-  We had a lot of friends help at the end- so that we could pack.  Thank you everyone!
 My Singers Company girls overloaded me with flowers.  It was so cute-  I miss them so much!
 We went to Portillo's with the Wilsons.  Of course I didn't take any pictures except this one of Maggie.
 Memorial Day Parade near the River.  Maggie loved going to the Naperville Parades!

 Cute kids!  Maggie loved playing with her friends.

 I had the cutest shopping buddy.
 Our house.  We loved living here.  And we loved our neighbors! 
 The Big Yellow Truck made the move start to feel real.

  Lizzy threw up a few times before we left.  Poor girl-  with her gag reflux- this happens when she has too much flem or a sore throat.  But I wanted to make sure there was no ear infection before we took off for a three day drive.  She was free and clear-  and we had no choice- we had to take off the next day!

Brad's Birthday

Brad turned the big 3-0 on May 18th.  Lucky for Brad, he got to help me with a Singers Company performance!  But it was at Blackberry Farms so it we got to play afterward.

 We started the day out right with Egg Harbor Cafe downtown Naperville- a favorite.   Who loves coloring the kids' menu more?

 Lizzy is a great eater- not as picky as her big sister.

Can you tell that the girls LOVE their Daddy?


 Our Last Family picture downtown Naperville.  We loved spending time at the riverwalk.  We really miss it!

 Blackberry Farms was a hit with Maggie!
 Riding ponies with her good friend Millie.

 Went out to dinner that night at Front Street Cantina-  two restaurants in one day?  Delicious!
 On Sunday we celebrated again-  we had to have Portillo's cake one last time with the Callisters!

Happy Birthday Brad!  We love you!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Lizzy - 15 month

I took Lizzy in for her 15 month appointment on October 3rd- a little late ;-)  She was a champ and was super friendly with Dr. Hoagland.  She is a lot smaller than Maggie was.
31 inches tall (56%)
22 lbs. 9 oz (65%)  
20 inch head circumference (99%)

She is consistent with the big-head trend in our family.  She talks or has words for several things now " Dada, belly button, uh-oh, hi, bye bye, Zeus (the dog), teeth, eye."  She attempts to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"  If we sing and then stop, she will proceed to sing, "Up above the world so high."  So cute.  We love her tons and tons!