Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jerry Callister Family Reunion 2014

This year, my family went to Dana Point Beach and stayed at the Residence INN.  We had so much fun!
 Lizzy LOVED the beach.  The sand didn't bother her at all.  She would get it in her mouth and hair and roll around!
 Maggie loved playing in the water.  The first day she hated the salt and sand, but then she realized how much she love the waves- so it was worth it!
 Lizzy went surfing with Uncle Matt- I only got video, no good pictures of it.  But she was hilarious.  He would ride a wave and I would be standing waist deep ready to get her but she would shake her head and say "no, no- more, more."  So Matt kept taking her out- wave after wave.  Thanks Uncle Matt!
 The hot tub had lots of bubbles!
 Matching nightgowns
 The Chicago brothers-in-law, together again!
 My dad spent a lot of time in the ocean with Maggie while I stayed ashore with Lizzy.  
 Best Grandpa ever!

 Our Salt Lake cousins, Kate and Elle, got there a day late because their brother Jake went into the MTC.  Maggie was so happy once they got there!

 Blurry picture- but it's the only one I have to document how well they both played together.  We still miss Illinois!
 Kate had some really good quality wave time with Lizzy.  It was really cute.

 Saying goodbye to cousins is never fun.  I'm pretty sure we had tears in the car.  

Uncle Matt gave Maggie an Album shirt.  At first, she wasn't too thrilled with a "blue" shirt but when I told her it was for Uncle Matt's surfboards- she said- "I LOVED surfing with Uncle Matt so I LOVE this shirt now!"  She likes to pair it with leggings and a headband ;-)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Baby Carter #3 is...............


 We are all very excited. Maggie wanted it to be a boy so badly!  And Brad was pretty excited too!  I'm not sure how to raise a boy- but I guess I will figure it out.  I am really excited- but also a little surprised.
 We celebrated after by taking our cousin, Elle, to McDonald's for lunch and to play at the PlayPlace.
Yum-  Lizzy LOVES chicken nuggets and dipping sauce.

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July

We were in Merced for the 4th of July this year.  It was the big Eldon Callister Reunion that only happens every three years.  It was so much fun to see all our cousins and do the parade around the neighborhood like old times.  Fireworks in front of the Fife's house brought back so many great memories.  

 Sadie and Maggie had fun decorating their bikes and scooters for the parades.
 Grandpa found this cute umbrella in the attic.  Lizzy loved it!

 Grandma found the wagon and all three girls fit-  thanks Grandma!

Rob and Jackson making a "nuke" to explode- also part of the tradition.  It was awesome!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Fifes moved to CA and stopped on their way for a visit!

My sister Cami's family moved from North Carolina to Sacramento at the end of June.  She and the kids flew to Utah while Tim finished packing and drove the car out with his mom.  We had so much fun with Cami, Charlie, and Anna.
 Anna had never had her toenails painted so we had to take care of that....

 Pink had to be her first color!

 Enjoying Creamies after a good walk outside.  
 Watching a show.  The kids are good at that!
 Anna is always smiling.
 We had fun at Station Park-  the fountain show is our favorite to dance to.

 We were so excited to take Charlie to the Treehouse Museum because they have so many train tables and if you know Charlie- you know he LOVES trains.  But, I didn't realize it was a "free" day so it was PACKED.  oops-  at least we saved some money.

 Elle and Kate joined us at the museum with Grandma Callister.  It was so much fun!