Friday, February 28, 2014


 We loved when Taylor was at BYU- she came up for a girls' night during Brad's busy season.  

 The Callisters came to visit their Grandparents so we got to hang out with them at Cinda's house.  Brigham is only a few months older than Lizzy so this is the first time they kind of played together.

 And we took Sofia home for a sleepover-  they are two peas in a pod.
 Maggie got a haircut and she got to choose her hair to be straight.
 She looks so different with straight hair.
 The Parkers came up for a snowboarding trip and for Max's birthday so we got to celebrate with them at Cinda's house.  It's so nice to live in Utah and have so many visitors.

 The girls' favorite place is probably going to Cinda's house-  while her house is pretty awesome, it's probably more the fun cousins that entertain them when we go over there.

 Cafe Rio got visited often by us during busy season.  
 We had a fun Valentine's Dinner with friends.

 Maggie helped me with the Valentine Cookies this year.
 Cute kids at swim lessons.
 We heart attacked our window.

 Lizzy thought the little wagon was for her.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


 The big highlight of January was that Lizzy learned how to walk-  finally!  She was 19 months!  I was a little worried but her pediatrician here wasn't because she was so advanced in her fine motor skills.  He said that when she wanted to walk- she would pick it up fast.  And she did!

 Maggie started swim lessons at the Bountiful Rec Center.  We continued through April which turned out to be a great idea for us to pass time during busy season.

 Maggie did the girls hair!

 We went to Provo for me to do some condo work.  Maggie got a BYU hat at the bookstore and we got to meet Taylor at Cafe Rio!!!!

 Maggie decorated her walls in her room.  I didn't know she was doing this until I couldn't find the scotch tape.