Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy 6 Months!!!!!

I can't believe we have been married for 6 months. It has gone by so fast!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Perfect Paper

I just had to share my exciting news. Finally, in my senior year of college, I wrote a good paper and got a perfect score. I really thought that it was impossible to do. I have never been good at writing and hate writing papers. I am in a humanities class this semester from a teacher I had taken a class from my freshman year. I remember getting bad grades on my papers and her ripping everything apart. Maybe this was good motivation.
We had to do a creative works project from the different eras we had been studying. I chose to make a geometric pot and spent about 15+ hours sketching and tracing. I actually just used a sharpee marker and bought this cool pot at The Home Depot. I didn't plan on taking this much time on it, but once I started, I realized that to cover this huge pot and make it look good, I would have to commit to spend a lot of time. And I did!
Then I had to write a little research paper about this style of pottery and my experience of the creative process. The paper only took me a couple of hours. Anyway, I was not expecting a perfect grade at all on the paper. But when I got it back, there was a 100/100 on it!!! I took a picture of it, but you can barely see it.
So that is my exciting story of the week. I guess I have actually learned something in college. Hooray- only one more year.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bad Blogger

I am sorry I have not updated sooner. I am not very good on computers so it usually takes me a long time.
The last month has been absolutely wonderful! Brad's parents have been in the Ukraine for over 6 weeks. They are doing great. We really miss them but we have been able to talk to them a few times. We are surely grateful for them- we feel very blessed for their service.
At the end of April, we went home to Merced for a few days. It was fun to relax and hang out after a horrible week of stressful finals. We had a lot of fun with the Spencer's, Mom and Dad, and Cami- including a near death experience at Merced River. Short version: within the first 3 minutes of our river trip on the canoes, Brad and I, and Wendy, Stuart, and Daniel tipped over in some speedy rapids. It shook us up a bit, but Brad, Stuart, adn i still finished the river. Poor Daniel will probably remember it forever- he told the story but used the word "capsized" which is oh, so appropriate. Cami and Dad never tipped over- Dad is quite skilled at canoeing. What a day, what a day.
So, after Merced, Brad and I came back to Provo to attend Spring Term at BYU. We are both taking classes and loving the nicer weather. Brad especially loves the weather for his scooter. We just got home yesterday from a fun weekend in St. George for Megan's baptism. We love going to the Magleby's. They are the best hosts in the world. We always have so much fun. It was sure fun to hang out with family.
Now we are back with only two more weeks of class and then we are off to Fresno to sell pest control. Well, actually- Brad will be selling. I will just be doing a class online. I am sure ready for a little break from Provo, though. I have many tests and papers between now and Fresno, so I better get crackin!