Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beginning of May

Here are some random pictures from the first of May
 Lizzy's first time getting into the dress up bin and enjoying every minute of it!

 Brad turned 31!  He wanted to cook steak for his own birthday which was fine by me!  And he always asks for Rootbeer Floats instead of cake?
 My niece, Kate's, birthday is the day before Brad's.  And this year, she had a performance at Wheeler Farm on her big day so we went to watch.  Before the actual performance, Maggie, Lizzy, and Elle got to ride a pony.

 May was also filled with soccer games-  Brad was her coach!  It was quite a fun and silly experience.
 Playing in the little wading pool.
 Her first slurpee- she wasn't sure she wanted to try it, but I persisted because I knew she would LOVE it!
 A giant puzzle at Papa Reese and Grandma Evie's house- we went to dinner with them one night.
 She got her face painted at a birthday party and loved it!
 Lizzy got a haircut-  so did Maggie, but somehow I lost the picture.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Our First Vacation as a Couple

We had been wanting to go on a cruise together for a while and decided to pull the trigger on it with some of our friends.  I am so glad we did!  It was right after busy season was over so it was great timing!  We didn't have much to spend so we went with the cheapest cruise out of LA to Catalina and Ensanada-  it was great.  My first 30 minutes on the ship, I was a little worried at what I had gotten myself into-  but it only went up from there!
 The rooms were small as to be expected-but very clean.
The best part about Ensanada was La Bufadora- or the "Blow hole".  It was actually pretty cool.  But I LOVED the pina colada.  YUM!!!!

  I wanted to take a picture with this guy but he was going to charge me $5.  Yeah right!
 Excited to start our cruise!