Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fun Visitors

We were lucky to have some fun visitors last week! I was so excited for my cousin Becca and her family to come stay with us. We used the back seat of our van for the first time! Hooray!

Except- I've been fired at taking pictures. Not one of Becca and I. And none of our husbands. But some of the kids. It was really hard to get Henry and Maggie to both look at the camera- but I tried.

We had fun at parks, the Children's Museum, and Easter egg hunts. Maggie loved having cousins stay with us- she talks about Henry all the time still- come back!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

CA Birthday

Last year, you might remember that I went to visit my sister, Cami, in NC for my birthday. This year- I got to go home to CA to spend time with my parents. (March 29th is not the best time for a birthday when you are married to a tax accountant). So my wonderful husband gave me a trip for my birthday while he was busy working at home!
Maggie insisted on pulling her Dora suitcase through the entire airport. She was a great traveler- thanks to her having her own seat now that she's two!
Maggie had a great time with my parents. Grandpa and Grandma sure spoiled her!
2 pretty ladies after church
Favorite Pic of the trip- Maggie LOVED my parents!
Reading with Grandma
Playdate with cousin Lucy (they are only 4 days apart)

Reading books with Grandpa
Tea Parties with Grandma in the playhouse
Swimming in the hot tub
Birthday banner and the royal treatment for my birthday!
Dad bought this adorable little lounger at Costco- Maggie loved sitting in it!
Birthday Cake at the Spencers

Tea Party with the cousins
Grandpa took Maggie on a scooter ride!
Hard to leave CA, but easy when your awesome Daddy picks you up from the airport!

Monday, April 2, 2012


We love playing with friends!

We have had some amazing warm weather the last month. We have been to the park so many times and we are still going back for more! I love the sun! More posts to come soon, I hope!