Sunday, June 28, 2009

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We're All Moved In

Brad and I have been in Chicago for over a month now- it's crazy how time has flown. For the first couple of weeks we lived with my brother Brent and his family. They were so nice to let us stay. This gave us the chance to shop around and look at different apartment complexes. But in the end, we chose to live at Railway Plaza which is literally right at the train station.
This is our back porch. Brad walks out this door and it literally takes him 3 minutes to get on the train. It is awesome! The train takes you right to Union Station which is across the street from the Sears Tower- where Brad will be working. He is just studying to take the CPA exams right now. He goes into the city everyday for a review course he is enrolled in. This is a picture of the train station I took from our back porch. Pretty close- huh? I had to drive Brad to the train station and pick him up everyday for two weeks while we were living with my brother. It only took 20 minutes round trip, but I decided that with a baby coming in the middle of winter and only one car, I would prefer to live right on the train station. And we LOVE it here!!!
We haven't done too many things in the city yet, but we have started to make a list of things we want to do. We checked one off- we went to teh Museum of Science and Industry. It was awesome! We could have stayed there all day- Brad was very good to let me take a few pictures and document the trip.
So, we are loving it here. I got called as the Primary Pianist- it is the best calling. It's fun to be in primary with all the kids- they are hilarious. I also found a job and started work last week as a teller/personal banker. It is such a blessing to have found something so quickly. I am not a huge fan of working full-time but it is a great job. We still aren't used to humidity, I don't think we will ever get used to it. But it's not as bad as I thought.

The best part of moving here is getting to know Brent, Melissa, and their girls more- they are so fun! I think Brad and I are Grace and Ella's favorite aunt and uncle! We are excited to have another niece here soon!