Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Brad tried out for Motab and.....

It was quite the process!  He had to submit his vocal cd by August 15th.  He passed that phase and then had to take a written test in September- I was at my sister's trip!  He passed phase 2, and then had to do a live audition with Mack and Ryan.  He was so nervous and was sure he didn't get in after each phase.  I knew he would! 
 He got the letter and I drove and picked him up at work for him to open it.  He really was shocked- it was funny.  Then we went to Buy Buy Baby to buy a carseat and ate an In-n-Out celebratory dinner

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October Activities

We had fun one Saturday at the pumpkin patch!

 I don't like taking pictures of myself while pregnant, so this is one of the few of me pregnant with #3.

 She loves building towers!

  We baked pumpkin sugar cookies!  I had no idea how long this would entertain Lizzy......hours!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Temple, Golf Cart, and Halloween program

I was finally able to go to the Brigham City temple.  I dropped the girls off at Brad's parents where they had a blast, and I got to go do a session by myself.  It was beautiful inside and I loved going.  
 Later that week, I was able to go up to Oakley, UT to my college roommate's inlaw's cabin.  We surprised her with the help of her husband and 5 of us 6 Liberty Square roommates were able to talk all night long!  It was so much fun!  Unfortunately, back at home- Brad informed me that Maggie was throwing up all night!  I felt terrible.  We were supposed to stay in Park City that next night as a family with my sister's family but obviously we didn't do that.  Instead, I drove home and took care of my family for 36 hours until I got the bug.  It was AWFUL- especially 34 weeks pregnant.

 I have had a lot of doctor's appointments and sometimes the girls get to go to Aunt Cinda's while I'm gone.  This time, she took them on a golf cart ride and they each got a bag of cheetos.  I showed up as they were still going and both girls were yelling "No, mom!  Don't come back!"

 Maggie had her Halloween program at preschool early and this is this year's costume- a POP STAR!

Getting ready to sing!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A little bit of heaven (Naperville)

We have loved living in Utah-  but we have really missed our friends back in Naperville.  It was a real treat when two of my friends and their kids came into town.  So one other Naperville friend who moved to Utah drove up and we had a park day.  The kids played for hours while we talked and caught up.  It was SO much fun-  just sad it was only one afternoon....


 My friend, Ashley, completely spoiled me with this quilt she made-  she is so talented!  It is totally worth being pregnant and having a baby just to get this piece of art!

 How cute are Maggie and Cailyn?  I was so sad when we all moved because they are in the same grade and never got the chance to go to school together...

 Here's a closer look at the quilt.  And it's so soft and minky on the other side.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Treehouse Museum

Just after we moved to Fruit Heights, we were still new and didn't have any good buddies yet for playdates, so we found a Children's Museum in Ogden and bought a pass to get us through busy season, too!  The Treehouse Museum is awesome!  The girls love it!

 We also got Cherry Hill passes for the summer and they included one free round of mini golf in October.  Maggie LOVED it!  And so did I!  Brad and I were pretty competitive with each other and I ended up winning by one stroke!  Too bad we hadn't wagered anything....

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Early October

 I got to help with a field trip for Maggie's preschool to the Classic Fun Center in Layton.  The kids had a blast bouncing around all afternoon.  Maggie LOVES school!

 Had to keep this picture- she does an awesome piggy nose.
 Maggie with her friend, Annie, at park day- they almost had matching sweaters and thought it was so cool.
 Trying on clothes-  both girls LOVED it-  watch out dad-  our girls love to shop!
 During priesthood session, we have a new tradition of hanging out with all the girls at Cinda's house.  This time we made caramel apples- yum!

 Oh goodness- I let Maggie choose her costume at Costco-  the cheesiest pop star costume, but she LOVES it!
 This is a picture of what our every day is like-  the girls COLOR AND COLOR AND COLOR.  It's awesome.  But I have a lot of precious pictures that I'm supposed to save and keep forever.....or just for 24 hours ;-)