Saturday, December 29, 2012

6 months

Lizzy is the happiest baby!  She smiles and laughs all the time.  She is rolling over both ways, but prefers to be on her back.  We started feeding her solids and she was definitely ready!  She loves food.   She is not sitting up on her own yet, but we are working on it.  She is holding her head up for a long time now- We love her so much!

Head:  off the charts
Weight:  16 lb, 12 oz   75%
Length: 26.25 inches  75%
She fell asleep up against the netting of the pack n' play at the Callisters.  Too cute.

 Cousin Love
 Lizzy and Tyler are only a week apart!

 Loving Rice Cereal

Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Surprise!

All seven of his kids flew home and surprised my dad for his 70th birthday.  It was so much fun to be home with just the siblings (and a few young babies).  We really surprised him when he walked in the door from work!  He was also really glad my mom had gotten a sub for his institute class ;-)

 Lizzy got some great time with Grandpa.

 Outside the Old Merced Theater
 Cute cousin Faith-  she is so good at smiling for the camera.
 Our favorite C's- Cami and Charlie, and Cinda below!