Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My first project was an apron for a friend's bridal shower.
My second project was a nursing cover and burp cloths for a friend's baby shower.

Wish I could have been there- I love parties!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Machine

I have been scheming for a way to get my dream sewing machine ever since I took my sewing classes at BYU. That sewing lab completely spoiled me and I knew I had to have a Bernina.

Well- I have been saving since my Bank Christmas bonus right before Maggie was born- and then Christmas and birthday money for over a year. I still didn't have quite enough- but there was a great sale going on for Valentine's Day that threw in the embroidery module. I just couldn't pass it up- and Brad ordered it for me! I have the best husband ever..

So- I have been working on several projects- I cannot post pictures because a few of them have been gifts that people have not yet opened ;-). But needless to say- I have been in heaven so far this busy season because my beautiful new machine keeps me company at night!