Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cosley Zoo

My friend Mary told me about this fun little zoo in Wheaton (near the fun Farmer's Market).
So we picked up some friends and hit the road! The kids loved it!

Maggie kept saying , " Hi Ducks!!!" She kept yelling louder and louder, hoping they would say "hi" back.
Maggie is obsessed with pumpkins. In fact- I purposely hadn't taken her to a pumpkin farm- because we have already bought so many pumpkins. Every time we are at the store- she sees them and says, "Mom- buy it?" And I have given in a lot. So we really didn't need any more. But the zoo had a bunch and she just loved playing with them (sitting on them).
They both looked! This is a bigger success than you realize!
They conked out on the way home- we wore them out good ;-)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We finally had some visitors- my parents came! They flew in on my mom's birthday and we got to celebrate with her!
The weekend was filled with fun: We went to the Museum of Science and Industry- still one of our favorites. We went to a fun farmer's market and did a ton of shopping-Thank you Chicago Premium Outlets and DSW! The weather was gorgeous and we got to enjoy listening to General Conference together. We are sad that they are gone- Maggie keeps asking for Grandpa and Grandma- "where are they? at work? on the train?" haha. That is the answer for anyone that is gone- thanks to her Daddy ;-)