Saturday, July 17, 2010

Someone Famous

So, we flew home from California today. We flew from Burbank to Phoenix to Chicago. In the Burbank airport, we were in line behind Patton Oswalt (King of Queens) going through security. I was all giddy and wanted him to look at Maggie and comment on how cute she was. But he didn't....

Then, as we are waiting in the A 31-60 line to board the Southwest flight, the pre-boarders walked by and there was Leann Rimes about 3 feet in front of us! This was even more exciting! Wikipedia was very interesting. I didn't know that here real name was Margaret! And she was born in Mississippi like me. We have so much in common- we should have stole that middle seat and sat next to her on the flight. I will regret this forever........haha . But really, it was kind of fun.

Except, Brad just told me she had an affair with a married man and they both got divorced to be together. Never mind.... I take it back. I am glad I sat in the back of the plane.