Monday, June 30, 2014

Jake's farewell

It has been so fun to live close to my sister and her family.  Jake is my oldest nephew and he got his mission call to Bolivia!  I feel so old!  I remember pushing him around on his little car after getting his 2 year old shots.  I was the "fun" aunt for him when he was little.  And now he is all grown up.  His farewell was so awesome!
 Matt flew in with Jack and Max-  they look up to Jake so much!
 As much as they may have fought-  Lauren and Jake are so close in age and will miss each other.

Jake with his Grandma.  He makes her proud.
Jake and his Mom.  I caught a picture before they were going to start crying ;-)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Taylor Enters the MTC

We were so lucky to have Taylor close at BYU her Freshman year.  We would see her at least once a month.  My girls LOVE her.  Well, the day she entered the MTC, she got to come to my house to meet baby Anna.  The Fifes were staying at our house on the way from North Carolina to California.  

 Maggie was definitely a Taylor fan.  She talks about going to BYU and on a mission all the time because she wants to be just like her.  

 Anna loved Taylor!  

Maggie loves Anna too!  Poor Anna is not a fan of being held by a 4 year old.....

 Beautiful Sisters
 We are only 8 years apart-  Aunt/niece but almost like sisters!
 Taylor and the Fifes.

Our attempt at a family picture with Taylor. 

   The Magleby family.  Oh Faith.......
 Silly Cousins

I'm her favorite aunt, can't you tell?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Playing with a new friend, the Treehouse Museum, and a late birthday

  Moving to Utah- I had no idea that we were building across the street from one of the children of our family's best friends growing up!  Then- their parents also retired here too!  So, my friend Amy- who doesn't live here, comes to visit her family and so we got to have her and her two cute girls come over to play.  Maggie and Addy were great playmates!  They got into Lizzy's crib...

 One of Maggie's many selfies on my phone.
 When they are on devices, they sure get in the zone.
 Riding horses at the museum.

 Grandma and Grandpa Carter couldn't make it on Lizzy's birthday so they came a few days later to give her her present.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day in St. George

Taylor's Farewell was on Father's Day.  So- we were all in St. George.  She gave an awesome talk and it was fun to be out of town to celebrate Brad.

The girls sure love their dad!

 Jake and Kate- can't believe he is next to go on a mission!
Brad was back in Faith's bedroom "watching" the girls.  After about an hour, I found him like this.  He deserved it!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lizzy turns 2!

 Lizzy's birthday was on a Friday this year-  and we were set to drive to St. George that day, so we celebrated a day early.  
  She did not like getting her hair done that morning.  After her nap, we met Cinda, Elle, and Kate at Cherry Hill- then came back for a birthday dinner and cake!
 Water toys, bubble guppies, a new slide, and a water table-  she loved it all!
 Maggie is really good at "helping" open presents.
 She loved her new Molly doll from Kate and Elle.
 They loved watching the new Bubble Guppies DVD she got.
 We sure love her!
We arrived in St. George safely!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A quick escape to St. George

At the beginning of June, Brad had to fly to Chicago for a week of training.  Our basement had flooded several times so they were going to dig up our cement in the back yard and re-fill the house and then put our yard back together.  So the week Brad would be gone-  we would not have a back yard.  Not a good combo- so we escaped too!  And we got to spend a little last time with Taylor.
 We swam a ton at the hotel pool.
 Maggie can swim all be herself!  But she still loved her mermaid tube sometimes.

 Lizzy LOVES the pool too.  My girls are definitely like me-  fish in the summer!

 When we got home-  the girls set up a fort to watch the men working in the back yard-  it was pretty cute.

The poured the new cement!  Just had to wait a while until we could actually walk on it.