Friday, August 12, 2011

A Tribute to my Piano Teacher

While I was in CA, my old piano teacher had a Farewell concert at my parents house. Dr. Thomas played several beautiful pieces along with several of his current and old students. It was fun to perform again and have a reason to practice.

Dr. Thomas was the head of the Department of Music at CSU Stanislaus when I took from him in high school. He lived in CA for 15 years and raised his cute family. He was more than just a teacher- he was my friend. And in fact, he still keeps in contact with me and helps me with my piano business. Talk about someone who has influenced me for the better. I use my music all the time in my life- it is a skill that I am grateful for everyday. Thanks to my parents for paying for lessons! And to my piano teachers, one in particular.

Dr. Thomas recently accepted a job at BYU Idaho and just moved to Idaho. It was so fun to be home for another one of his concerts. He is an amazing pianist, and an exceptional teacher.

So many times when I practice in my little apartment now- I wish and would give ANYTHING to take a lesson from him again. I regret not practicing more and taking advantage of the instruction I was receiving in high school. One of his current students, Doug, is only a Sophomore in high school and is WAY better than I ever was. He is passionate about playing and realizes his potential and is doing amazing! Listen to Doug here. I feel a little guilty that I was the student who got to take from Dr. Thomas through the end of high school. I really feel for Doug! Maybe he will just have to go to Idaho!

Thanks to Dr. Thomas for everything! You will be greatly missed in CA!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We had the greatest time with my family in Tahoe in July! It was filled with MANY activities, including:
Frisbee Golf
Paddle Boarding
Campfires, Girls Camp songs, and the Lion Hunt
A Beautiful Hike
Still snow on the mountains in July! But it was a great hike!
Swimming in the freezing Lake
Brad had fun with my nephews- he even went Parasailing with one of my nieces and nephews- but they forgot to take a camera with them on the boat. Bummer...
Playing in the Sand
Posing for pictures with cute cousins
She loved Megan!
Uncle Brent gave her a spoonful of frosting......
This is not my whole family- not even close. But a small group of us got there a day early- we are all dressed up because we just came out of church. Brent and Melissa were in charge this year and it was AWESOME. The theme was Up, Up, and Away- It was all about HEROES- scripture heroes, family heroes.
I will never forget the devotionals, Mighty Mormon capes, flash mob, and cereal with Grandpa. Can't wait til next year!