Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sundance Videos

I can't believe these kids ar 4 and 6 years old!!!


So, we went to St. George for Easter. We were really excited to go and spend some time with the Maglebys. The last few times we've seen them, we were just driving through St. George and stayed at their house overnight. It was nice to go stay with them and relax. We had a ton of fun!!!
Friday night, we grabbed some Wendys and Arbys and went to the park. Monty, Stephanie, Taylor, Megan, Brad, and I all played a few rounds of PIG on the basketball court.

Matt was busy on his big wheel driving through the middle of the court. It was dark so we had a few near-accidents. On Saturday, we went to the college to play tennis. It was really fun to get outside and exercise together. Again, Matt was on his big wheel and was better at sticking to the parking lot. At the very end when we were packing up our stuff, Matt saw an opportunity and he took it. He rode right through the middle of two other tennis matches. It was actually really funny!
After tennis, we came home and got ready for the day. Some of us took little naps. Then we got out the vinegar and started dyeing eggs. Shortly thereafter, we went to the Bloomington Courtyard to have an Easter Egg hunt. Oh my gosh, Matt was hilarious.He would pick up and egg and then throw it on the ground saying "that was a bad one." He only wanted 4 eggs. Steph kept trying to get him to run around and get more eggs- there was a ton. But, he didn't want to. It was really funny.
The Maglebys gave everyone Easter gifts. We got some cute Easter decorations and Catch Phrase!!! We were really excited! Brad got really excited about the tissue paper. He created his own Easter bonnet.Brad also made a weird pose with the kids Easter baskets. He got a little creative. Sunday dinner was the best!!! Funeral potatoes, pork tenderloin, crescent rolls, raspberry jam, fresh fruit, and strawberry pizza! Wow- it was great. Thank you Magleybys for a great vacation!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008


So Brad and I finally went snowboarding this season. Matt, Annie, and Jack were up at Sundance so we had a good excuse to get up there. We had so much fun. Brad's good friend Mike works up there so we got free passes- pretty sweet. Brad and Mike got up there early and I came up around noon. We went on a few runs and then met up with the Parkers at the rope-toe. It was snowing pretty hard by then.
We had so much fun watching Annie and Jack show us their skills. They are really good! Annie just zipped down the hill without stopping. The hill was forcing Jack to stay on his toe edge which is harder to learn. By the end- he was doing a ton better. At first the kids seemed a little disappointed to be on the bunny hill. But, I pulled out the magic m&ms and skittles and they loved it. After every run, they would sit down and open their mouths like a seagull to be fed. It was cute. They had a blast! Let's just say that Matt is a good dad- he was the one that really got the work out.

Friday, March 14, 2008



Wow, that's as many as I can type. Pi is amazing.
I thought I should pay tribute as a math nerd, even
though I am changing my major. All I can say is- What
did you do at 1:59 today? You should have eaten pie.

Monday, March 3, 2008



What I was doing ten years ago...I was in fourth grade at St. Luke's Elementary School with Mr. Fagan. He would spill coffee all over our papers.

5 Things on my to do list:
Clean the house
finish thank-you notes
get my haircut
take 2 mid-terms
go to the bank

3 Habits I have: (are these supposed to be bad habits?)
putting off laundry until I have no underwear
waking up an hour after my alarm
biting my nails when I get nervous

Day of Choice-Friday!

Places I've Lived
Jackson, MI
Merced, CA
Provo, UT

Marriage date: December 28, 2008

Favorite indulgence: oreo shakes

Phobias/Fears: Being alone in the dark

Reason to Smile: When Brad surprises me and cleans the house or does the dishes

Season of Choice: Spring- I can't wait for it to come!

Vegetable: Broccoli

Oranges or Apples: Oranges

# of Brothers and Sisters: 5 sisters and 1 brother, 5 brother-in-laws, and 1 awesome sister-in-law

Fun in Provo

We have had some visitors come see us in Provo. The kids loved the creamery. Lauren got a ride on the scooter with Brad. He loves that thing!


These last few weeks have been pretty busy for us. Although it feels like all we do is study and take mid-terms, we have managed to have some fun with our families. A few weeks ago, we went up to Mantua. There was a ton of snow-it was gorgeous! Adam built the kids a sweet tunnel that they slid down like a slide. The kids had a blast (including Brad). Then, later that night Grandma got out the chocolate fountain for the Grandkids. They loved it!!! I really liked it too! I just couldn't get enough of the chocolate pretzels. It was heaven for the kids.