Thursday, August 22, 2013

Park Days and Singers Company

 Cutest little sleeper
 "playing" naps

 I attempted to run a 10k but made a wrong turn and it turned into 7 miles.  At least I finished!

 Love watching Grace play on her ITouch

 Park Day with friends

 One week apart.  Lizzy really hated the grass.
 Ethan and Lizzy were good friends.

 I got a double jogger for free!

 Maggie never wants to pose for pictures with me so I seized the opportunity.
 Silly Faces
 Half serious

 Silly Lizzy at Sunday dinner

 Dress rehearsal-  I miss the girls so much-  they know how to rock out!

 Tantrum at the park

 Cute friends relaxing, having a snack on the grass.


 Maggie and Daci loved to dress up like ballerinas.  We just needed more ballet shoes ;-)
 Ballerinas playing playdough.

 Men's cookoff.  His rolls won!
 She loves my sunglasses- good thing they are cheap plastic!
 Dancing again.
 Downtown Naperville Park.  One of our favorites.
 Somehow Ethan always found the one sword we had.  He is such a fun boy!
 Oh- and he found the two wood knives and the eye patch.  haha.
 Field trip to the Zoo!  

 Maggie loved Brookfield Zoo-  it was huge!
 At the dentist.  Maggie did great!  No cavities- she must have Brad's genes on that.

 Reward for being good at the dentist?  Sugar!  Coldstone ice cream.
 Another beautiful day so we went to a park.

 Our last time at the Children's Museum.  Our pass ran out at the end of April.
 Finally playing together at the same station!

 Fun to go with friends.  Maggie loved playing with  Joseph-  we miss him!

I can't believe I have two kids!  They are growing up so fast.  I love how they play with each other as they get older.