Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Here goes December, in reverse order.......
 Fun Selfie I took
 The park in St. George felt so warm!
 We spent New Year's at the Magleby's house this year.  We had a ton of fun celebrating with them!

 Christmas morning, Maggie woke up pretty early!

 It was such a fun day!

 Maggie got a balance bike from Santa!

 Magna Tiles were a big hit-  great family gift!

 On Christmas Eve, we went to my Aunt Cheryl's house.  She fed us a delicious meal and then we did the nativity downstairs. Maggie loved being an angel on the stairs.  

 On December 23rd, we went up to Bear Lake with Brad's family.  The drive was so scary with snow and no four wheel drive-  we will never be doing that again!

 Brad and Clark were the shepherds.
 We went to see the Temple Square Lights and rode tracks.  It was pretty darn cold outside!

 We actually got a family picture!

 Uh-oh, Lizzy is chubbier than we thought.

 Maggie's first big snowman in our own backyard.  She has a pretty good dad.

 Yum- Christmas cookies!
 Brad and I got to go to the MOTAB Christmas concert.  It is the best ever!  So glad we got tickets.

 We got to go see cousin, Kate, perform with Clayton at the West Valley Mall.

 She did such a great job. 

 Maggie turned 4!  Breakfast in bed is a yummy tradition.

 She got a birthday cake set!

 Nate, Kate, Lily, Papa Reese, and Grandma Evie came for Maggie's birthday.

 She loved her Polly Pool present from Grandma and Grandpa Callister
The Home Depot has a kid workshop the first Saturday of every month.  Brad and Maggie don't always make it, but when it works- Maggie sure loves to go! 

 Maggie and I got to go to the Nutcracker with Cinda, Kate, and Elle.

 The girls got their pictures taken at the West Valley JCPenney.  They got to meet Santa and play on a few rides and arcades.  Dad met us for lunch.