Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Because

Maggie has been loving to help me cook lately. So one night, Brad was coming home late, so we made mini cupcakes. She loved the frosting- she ate the tops off of them, but not the cake.
Sometimes Maggie likes to shut herself in my closet. She plays with my shoes. After a while she calls for me to come open the door. One time I opened the door to find this- she must have found my winter stash.

I wanted to see her eyes.

When Dad gives her a bath, they style her hair with the blow dryer after. They both love it- I guess Brad is jealous of her beautiful locks.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Sorry this post is late. I was gently reminded that I hadn't put any pictures of Maggie in her costume up yet (Love you Mom!)

We thought we could skip the TOTing this year- I mean she's only 1- she doesn't know the difference, right? Well, my nieces convinced us to go to a couple of houses and it definitely clicked with Maggie. She was running to each door. But she was so confused- people were giving her candy and chocolate- so she didn't say "trick or treat" she said "Chocolate Treat please!" and then she was pretty good at saying "thank you."

I'd say Halloween was a success!