Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Awesome Trip to NC

I have never been a great writer and I'm afraid my blog is proof. I don't think I can communicate what a fun trip this was with writing- but I will attempt a short summary and hope that the many, many pictures will make up for the rest. Also- I know Cami will be posting every detail on her blog ;-)

So- this year for my birthday, Brad suggested I take a trip! Last year, with my birthday falling at the crucial end of busy season, poor Brad tried really hard to make it home at least for dinner- but by the time he did at 9 pm- the poor man was exhausted. So- Maggie and I got to go to Winston-Salem to visit my sister and her husband this year. We had a blast! It was one of those vacations where I did everything on my list and more!

Here is the list:

  • I exercised almost everyday
  • I got to read (still haven't finished Unbroken but I can't wait to!)
  • Went to the local Children's Museum twice with my new pass
  • Visited Cami's office and saw Wake Forrest's campus
  • Went out to lunch on my birthday
  • ate cook out (delicious greasy food)
  • went shopping at the mall (by myself!)
  • Played at the park
  • played with Maggie a lot
  • Blew bubbles
  • ate delicious food
  • sewed Maggie an Easter skirt
  • ate cake and ice cream
  • played lot of Mario Kart and Just Dance II
  • Watched lots of movies
  • ate popcorn
  • Went to the Reynolda House and got to walk around the gardens (wish I had a bowling alley in my basement)
  • went to the park
  • talked and talked and talked
  • did Sodoku
  • Ate delicious food made by Cami (especially the bbq)
  • Took Cami to Aldi
  • hung out with Sean and Ashley (Cami and Tim's good friends and now ours ;-))
  • played Qwuirkle
  • Maggie got a lot of attention- lots of books read, Wendy's happy meal toy spun for her, help going down the slide, lots of treats)
It was sad when the week came to an end. It was probably good for the Fife's to get their house back thought I'm sure Maggie left finger prints on every mirror. And Maggie was sure excited to see her Dad at the airport- she RAN!

Well, here's to next year- I hope my birthday can be close to as good as this one. Thanks Cami and Tim for the great hosting! Maybe we will come back...

15 Months

Maggie has been 15 months for a while now. I took her in for her appointment and shots and she is still growing!

25 pounds, 7 ounces
31 3/4 inches tall
19 1/2 head circumference (still off the charts big)

Maggie has been busy the last few months:
  • She started walking about 13 months
  • Said, "uh oh, ball, dada, mama"
  • Started doing actions to songs (spider, wheels on the bus, up up in the sky, ball for baby)
  • loves M & Ms
  • gets into EVERYTHING (especially my stuff)
  • loves to read lift- the-flap books
  • pushes the stroller down the hallway
  • Loves the Children's Museum- threw her first fit when we had to leave
Good- I had to get something down- I am the worst at keeping a journal. Enjoy the pics!

I thought she broker her leg because she wouldn't walk on it- but she was tough- no break! And it healed fast!