Monday, July 28, 2008

The ongoing project

So, for the family reunion I was going to put together a slideshow of pictures of everyone in the family from this passed year. While I was home in Merced, I ran into a few old family pictures and decided to add some old pictures into the slideshow as well. I don't think i realized at that moment just how time consuming this would be. I only scanned about 5 % of the pictures that Mom has, if that. Here is a small sample....

It's Dad and Paul Hansen!!!

Family Reunions

The first family reunion that we went to was the Eldon and Beth Callister Reunion in Island Park, Idaho. My family stayed at my mom's sister's cabin that is located on Bill's Island. It was absolutely gorgeous. You woke up, walked outside and overlooked the lake. They also let us use their waverunners and boat. This entertained all day long! We also went four-wheeling and canoeing down the river. We did not capsize this time!!! The whole reunion was a blast! It was fun to see all my cousins- it had been a long time!!!

The next reunion that we went to was just my immediate family. All of us were there!!! We had it in Park City this year. We had such a blast. The theme was "Go the Distance" and so we were very active all week. We played soccer, kickball, went on the playground, did relays, swam in the pool, went on a hike, rented waverunners and went to Jordanelle, had a family dance, went to Seven Peaks, went to This is the Place, and finally on the last day we all participated in a Family 5K at the Park City High School Track. The Fifes and the Taylors were in charge of the 5K. We all had numbers and everything! Tim whooped everyone- he was the champion! But most of the adults "went the distance" and finished the entire 5K. It was tons of fun! I think the kids thought so too!