Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Go Sox!

We got to go to a White Sox game last night. The experience highly exceeded my expectations. I've been to an MLB game before but I was worried about taking Maggie this time. She was great! She loved dancing anytime they played music and she ate her weight in M & Ms. And she loved clapping and cheering- but she was so confused when people yelled, "Go Sox." She would always lift up her pants and look at her socks- pretty funny.
I was also worried about the rain- but our seats were covered so we didn't feel any of the showers! AND..........we even won the game-with a home run and fireworks and everything! It makes me want to go again! (but maybe next time, a Cubs game to see Wrigley field).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Matching Outfits

So....I bought this outfit for myself first. And then when I saw the same undershirt at CrewKids- I just couldn't help myself. It was fun to match with Maggie- I felt like she was a "Just Like Me" Doll from The American Girl store.

Now, trying to get Maggie to smile at the camera these days is next to impossible. So I was trying to tickle her- but she still wouldn't look at Brad. But I still liked the pics anyway.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another one

I did another half marathon. I did not love it as much as the first one. I had not trained as much- so I was not as prepared. But- I knew I had done it before and I caught myself being a little over confident and thinking I could still beat my first time. Yeah right.
The first half of the race was pretty good- on target for my goal time. But after mile 8- my body started shutting down. At mile 10- they gave me some Acel Gel- and let's be honest- I was willing to try anything to help me at that point. The goo was so sugary- I barely got it down- and my body rejected it. It was pretty miserable. But...............I still finished.
I told Brad to not let me ever sign up for one again. (After the first one- I wanted to do a marathon) And I am already considering doing another one near Halloween with some friends. I think I am crazy.
It was a beautiful day at the race- a little chilly. We had to bust out Maggie's winter box.
After the race- I am glad that I smiled ;-) And for both races- they give you a "beer tag" to get a pint of beer- seriously? Even if I did drink alcohol- would I really want it right after running for 2 hours?
These two pics of Maggie are random- but cute. She tried Oreos for the first time- "More cookie mom" was all she said that night.
Brad has been busy at work again- working all weekend- so on Saturday we were SO bored and the pools were all closed- so we tried the Carousel in the mall. It exceeded both of our expectations!