Friday, January 13, 2012


Maggie played in the snow for the first time! Last winter she was too little but we still tried. And this winter, she's been dying for snow but we didn't have any. That is, until yesterday when it dumped!

All she really likes to do, is eat the snow. This is great- except on day 2 and 3 when the snow is getting dirty. I caught her too late, eating snow off the tire today- gross!

Oh- we have been a little bored with Brad already in busy season. So we ventured out to "shadow stories" at the library. We were 2 of 4 people there because of the snow storm. But it was tons of fun!

New Year's

It was fun to come back to Chicago and hang out with the Callisters on New Year's. Maggie wishes she could just live at their house with all the girls.....

Folding her arms and shutting her eyes tight for prayers.


We had so much fun for Christmas. We hopped in the car and made the quick, 12-hour drive to Winston-Salem to see this little guy...Christmas was so relaxing- thanks to our hosts, the Fifes!
Maggie LOVED Charlie. She was much more gentle with him than I thought she would be. It was really cute.

She liked wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses. haha

We all had a blast- Maggie LOVED having space and having her Dad around all day. They went to the Children's museum and the park while Cami and I got to shop and hang out. Can't wait til the next trip. Maggie keeps asking to go back to Cami's house....