Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Middle of December

James had a 2 week appointment.
He was 21 inches long
15 in head
He's a growing boy!

 We attempted a family picture on our front porch for a Christmas card.  Thanks to our great friends and nieghbor who took it for us!

 Our puzzle girl after taking pictures.

 Charlie lent his Christmas outfit to James - he looks like a little elf!
 Poor Maggie gets so nervous to perform anything.  She cried and didn't want to do her ballet recital.  She didn't.  I did tell her if she wanted to do the gift exchange after she had to at least go out on stage.  So she went out teary eyed but did NOT dance and she even yelled to her teacher that she didn't have to dance- that her mom said so.  Oh goodness........what to do. Oh well- we documented the event!

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